You have an important message to communicate. You want that message to make an impact. But first it needs to be received and understood. Clarity is vital. Pick the right words and keep things simple.

TRY THIS: Take five minutes to jot down your response to the following: ‘What exactly do I want my audience to know and why will it matter to them?’ Write in a stream of consciousness style, without stopping or censoring yourself. When you’ve finished, go back over your writing and pick out the words and phrases that most resonate. Tweak these and distill them down until you’re left with one sentence that encapsulates your core message.

Alternatively, get in touch and I can go through this process with you!


Inspire your audience with a creative approach and give them something to remember.

'Creativity is...' quotes

TRY THIS: Play a game of word association with yourself and create a spider diagram of ideas! Start with your core message in the middle and work your way out. It doesn’t matter if some of the words are a bit off-the-wall. The more you can push yourself to see things from a different perspective, the better.

Or, let me do the hard work for you and I’ll report back with ideas.


You want your writing to reflect well on you and your organisation. So make sure you leave a positive impression by checking facts, eradicating typos and paying attention to formatting.

TRY THIS: If spelling, punctuation and grammar aren’t your strong points, you might like to try an online writing assistant such as Grammarly.

Or, get in touch and let me polish your writing to give it that final shine.


Whatever the medium – whether it’s a press release, a blog post or a company report – if you can find a point of connection with your audience, then your message is more likely to make an impact.

TRY THIS: Take a few minutes to jot down everything you know about your audience. Then ask yourself these two questions: ‘What will they be feeling as they start to read my words?’ and ‘What do I want them to feel by the end?’

Alternatively, we can work together to build up a better picture of your audience and explore what motivates and inspires them.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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