On this page, I outline my approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

I believe that...

With these values in mind...

    • It is important to me that I treat my customers, colleagues, partners and all others I come across in the course of my work with kindness, respect, compassion and empathy. These values are close to my heart and I aim to make them evident in the way I work.

    • I will keep seeking to make my services more accessible and more inclusive.

    • I welcome the chance to work with diverse individuals & groups and am proactively seeking out these opportunities.

    • I love to learn and will continue to seek out new perspectives and ideas.

For me, the statements on this page are part of an evolving piece. I am a naturally private person and will not always shout about what I am doing; however, I’m always willing to discuss the issues covered on this page. Please feel free to ask me for details on how I’m living out the values above. You will be helping to keep me accountable.

In those areas where I can be doing better, I appreciate your constructive feedback.

With thanks.

Updated April 2023