Hello, I'm Kate.

A quick question for you. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt during your career? If I had to choose, mine would be this:

The importance of truly listening.

Listening attentively and wholeheartedly to the people close to us, to those we do business with, and to our inner selves… I’m constantly amazed at how powerful the results can be (and how often this skill is overlooked).

Finding the words...

Working in the world of marketing, I’ve seen time and again how a willingness to listen can transform the relationship between a business and its customers. As a writing for wellbeing practitioner, I’ve seen how the arts can create spaces for listening, sharing and healing. And along the way I’ve found my own voice too, lost for many years because at some point I simply stopped paying attention.

Now, I celebrate the many creative ways there are to listen and to communicate with each other and ourselves. This philosophy underpins everything I do, as a writer, editor, tutor, writing for wellbeing practitioner and independent researcher.

My experience & qualifications

Creativity is the natural order of life.
Julia Cameron

Writing for wellbeing

I am passionate about words and their ability to enhance our daily lives, from relaxation to self-discovery and workplace wellness. With a background in marketing & communications, I began exploring the world of writing for wellbeing formally in 2012. Since then, I’ve run workshops for a diverse range of audiences and have become an active member of the writing for wellbeing research community. I am a tutor for WriteWell, and am the founder of WriteToRelax.com – a website which grew out of my desire to reduce stress and spark creativity after becoming a new mum. I am also a co-founder of WritingForLife.co.uk, which offers wellbeing workshops in the workplace.

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