Hear your body's voice through writing

If your body could speak, what would it say? Have you ever had a conversation with it on the page?

Our bodies are endlessly fascinating and full of wisdom. Given the chance, they can be our most faithful companions. Yet it’s not always an easy relationship. The languages used by mind and body can seem worlds apart. And despite everything we know, from ancient wisdom to the discoveries of modern science, there are still so many mind-body mysteries to unravel.

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll explore ways to connect with our bodies and hear their voices through writing. The activities draw on Kate’s research and 10-year quest to heal the relationship between her own mind and body. We’ll play with a variety of expressive, intuitive and reflective writing techniques. This is a supportive space where your words are for you and you won’t have to share your writing unless you wish to. No experience is necessary – you’ll be guided through each activity step-by-step. Just bring your writing tools and your curiosity!

WHEN: Friday 16 August 2024, 8am UK / 5pm Sydney

WHERE: On Zoom

HOW MUCH: £35 / approx $70AUD

To book your place, email Kate.